This page provides a reference for individuals searching for their heritage in and around Taylor County, Kentucky. Provided on this page is a lookup/search page for births in Kentucky from 1911-1999 and Marriages from 1972-1999 (coming soon).

Also available is genealogical research done by Beverly Ann Colvin Smith. This detailed research results in a printed and binded book at a cost of $25 each minimum of 20 books with a nominal research fee of $125. For more research contact Beverly Smith at: or

We provide a wealth of information for Taylor County as well as surrounding counties in Kentucky such as Marion, Larue, Casey, Green, and Adair Counties. Our research services are provided for indiduals needing research the counties of Taylor, Green, Marion, Adair, and Casey counties. If you need online research conducted in other areas we are more than happy to help in that area as well.

Click here for the online version of my family’s genealogy information.

Kentucky Counties

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